Yu Teahouse Interior Design 瑜茶舍 Studio Adjective 室內設計

yú teahouse 

Brand : Yu Teahouse  瑜茶舍

Category : Teahouse | F&B

Location : Eslite Spectrum, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Size: approx. 250 sq.ft

Studio Adjective has completed a teahouse design for local Chinese tea brand “yu teahouse”. As the first outlet in city, the teahouse is located in Eslite Spectrum – a lifestyle complex in Tsim Sha Tsui. With a horizontal vision of the Victoria Harbour. The design emphasis on showcasing the sophisticated tea making process and the interaction between customer and the staff. In order to introduce the Chinese tea culture to the public.  

The production of tea leaf is a natural process by the mother nature. Sky – Sunlight & Rain, Earth – Soil and minerals and People are the major elements that control the quality of the tea. The design concept is to abstract these natural elements into raw construction materials. Each material is carefully selected and applied to keep their authentic texture and sense when customer touches it and sees it. As a metaphor of connection with the nature, through the tea ceremony and appreciation.

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