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apartment pp | parkview

Category : Residential

Location : Parkview 陽明山莊

Size: approx. 2,300 sq. ft. 

Situated on a Hong Kong’s mountain and surrounded by the serenity of Tai Tam Country Park, the project is one of the highest residential units in Hong Kong with an unobstructed view combining the landscape of undulating mountains and the compact high-rise cityscape.


Studio Adjective has designed the apartment for a couple with materials selected in resonating the essence of surrounding nature. The use of warm oak, fabric wallcovering and beige ceiling projects a tactile interior with different warmness during the day. Windows are framed with wood, the outside view is highlighted as a picture for the interior.


The apartment is designed with focus as a space for the couple’s retirement. The layout is transparent and minimal. Different zones in the apartment are connected by a wood volume. From foyer, kitchen to bathrooms & bedrooms, the users will be able to travel in multi-directions through the volume with tailor-made furniture, shelving and ceiling cladded in wood.

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