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Brand : Matchali IFC 

Category : Teashop | F&B

Location : IFC , Central, Hong Kong 

Spring  2021

The new Matchali, IFC Mall marked as the first collaboration between contemporary matcha tea brand Matchali and Hong Kong based design agency Studio Adjective.

The design infuses the subtleness of a traditional teahouse with an energetic modern vibe with vibrant colour and setting. The form, which is designed to relate to the environment, showcased the space as a minimal and bold pavilion sitting in the atrium of IFC mall under an escalator. It is composed with a triangular shell decorated with textured beige paint. A wide-open horizontal slot has been crafted to highlight the tea making performance. Inside the beige shell, the interior space is covered with the brand’s pink.


Forming a pink skeleton for the pavilion and the standing bar at the back. And further extends as a platform with layers for plant decorations and causal seating. 

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