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tencent doctorwork chengdu

Category : Clinic | Hospitality

Location : Tencent Building, Chengdu

Size : approx. 9,000 sq. ft.


Tencent Doctorwork is a pioneer digital health service concept in China with Internet plus entity medical care development, jointly established by Tencent, GAW capital, Medlinker, and Sequoia Capital China. It is committed to adhering to the reform on China's medical and health industry driven by the Internet technology and provides a fair, A-grade quality and safe health management services for general public.


Designed by Hong Kong based design agency - Studio Adjective, the physical clinic concept is established in three flagship locations - Beijing / Chengdu & Shenzhen, with the size of approximately 9,000 sq. ft. each. Each location consists of a number of consultation rooms, co-working space for doctors to work and having academic discussion and merchandise area for general public to access to medical goods. The design aims to extend Tencent Doctorwork into a medical destination for general public and also a faculty of experienced doctors.


To distinguish the design from other clinics, the sense of tranquility and privacy plays an important role. The rooms are being subdivided by different pathways. Pathway - recalls the sense of walking in nature with natural curves and integration of lighting and greens, where the mood changes according to different zonings’ requirement. It provides the clients a calm journey of medical consultation. The paths are being extended and become communal areas such as service stations, co-working space for doctors and clients’ waiting areas. Minimal straight walls are used in the design, in order to create a fluid flow without sharp corners.

*This project has been selected to the Dezeen Awards Longlist 2018 - Health and wellness interior category among 3,689 entries from all over the world. 

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