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the invitation

this is our opening invitation poster

What a happy throwback memory - the production of the map/invitation of studio adjective opening party. This map is our opening invitation poster, designed by Wilson and hand-drawing by our talented internship student Timothy. I remember that when we start to think about our invitation design, we just know that we don't want to have a normal printed "card" for this party, and finally we think that why don't we create a map and a video (on IG) to give an idea for our friends/clients about how to get to our office, although it's just a 2 mins walk from PMQ ! Tim has did a lot of research of "how to create" a map of Mid-level. For instance, the map starting form where to where ? do we need to include the Central escalator? what is the scale of the buildings and the accuracy of the map etc. We did a lots of fine tune works and finally we did it ! We've online ordered 200 of carton cylinders to contain the posters, I still remember how we bring the cylinders to the post office and send them out ! Once again, thank you for all of our friends, family and clients to join the party, thank you so much for all your blessing.

The invitation is ready to roll out !

Up - Photo shooting for the draft of maps.

Down - the map is rolling out at the post office ! Stamp is on !

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