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matchali | moon street 

Brand : Matchali Flagship Shop -  Moon Street 

Category : Teashop | F&B

Location :  Moon Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 

The new flagship of Matchali is situated at the ground floor space of an historical building in the Starstreet precinct. Space and object design agency Studio Adjective has designed a new interior language for the brand that completed in a contemporary mix of colour and materials. Inserting a cool energy and vibe into the neighbourhood.


The façade is designed to feel lived in, with warm beige claddings matching with the building’s elevation. The entrance is contrasted by a bold wooden frame and double windows that highlights the interior space like a picture frame.


The space is divided into an indoor and outdoor seating, with a featured matcha bar. Customers are welcomed into the cafe area with a day light filled space. This space then transitions into a cosy matcha bar in the evening.


The interior wall has been painted in light olive green, matching with a layer of banquette seating crafted with a curved wooden back, complemented with a infographics wall telling the brand’s concept. The seating with the green wall further extends to the natural plants filled backyard space.


A ray of tailor designed green stools with linoleum seats have been used to dress the space, along with featured handmade pendant lamps from Golden Editions, paying tribute to timeless craft in Ghana.


The matcha bar is designed as an interpretation of the “whisking matcha moment”, where gradients of green co-exist and forming an interesting colour combination. The studio selected the ExCinere tiles by Dzek - a volcanic ash glazed tiles from London evocating a dynamic green landscape for the bar, with a slice of stone on top to highlight the matcha making process.

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