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KIN Food Halls Studio Adjective Interior Design Taikoo Place Devon House KIN FoodHalls KIN Studio Adjective Design

KIN food halls | taikoo place

Food & Beverage

Location : Devon House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay

Interior Design / Furniture Design : Studio Adjective 


Situated in Taikoo Place, one of the best planned business hubs in Hong Kong. Studio Adjective’s design for KIN Food Halls segments the 18,000 sq. ft. floor space into an interconnected topography with a ghost kitchen, a bar, show kitchens, dine in and to-go food pickup points and various seating areas. This spatial plan ensures diverse vantage points and seating options for visitors, while supporting an efficient flow for a complex food hall’s operation.

The architectural language in KIN is highly geometrical and consist of various grid structures defined by a rich material palette of natural and sustainable materials. The selection of materials is highly sensible with the concept of sustainability. Over 25% of sustainable and recycled materials are being used in the design from floor to ceiling, and tailor-made furniture. The furniture design by Studio Adjective for KIN combines sustainability with craftsmanship. Table lampshades made with recycled Longjing tea leaf, dining table tops made with food residues in common Asian dishes and sitting bench made with recycled circuit boards. Every piece of furniture is telling a story in the space and synchronize with the brand's sustainability-focused ethos.


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