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galleon  fashion walk

STUDIO ADJECTIVE joined hands with the local furniture group CRMG for the first time to design its first lifestyle concept store “GALLEON”. Located in 9 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, the two-storey store occupies an area of 5,800 sq. ft., and brings together over 30 leading and creative design labels from Scandinavia, Europe and Japan. STUDIO ADJECTIVE strove to create a exhibition-like new destination for customers to discover artistic lifestyle products in a cosy environment.

We adopt the concept - “Wood - Detail and Craftsmanship” to reflect the close link between furniture and the fundamental material of furniture - Wood. From the interior décor, façade and the overall layout, to the custom-made displays, every detail embodies the different use of wood that takes the material to a new level. The store is transformed into a wooden stage where the furniture would be able to shine, allowing customers to embark on a journey of aesthetic discovery, while admiring the team’s respect and attention to design through the refined details. 

STUDIO ADJECTIVE 首次與本地家具集團CRMG合作,為旗下全新家居美學品牌GALLEON於銅鑼灣京士頓街9號設計品牌第一所生活美學的概念店。概念店提供超過30個來自北歐及日本享譽盛名的經典及創新品牌,兩層總面積佔5,800尺,STUDIO ADJECTIVE 團隊決意以概念式設計,提供令顧客於鬧市中能悠然舒適尋找美學家品的新地方。整體設計概念經過STUDIO ADJECTIVE 團隊的研究,認為木是家具的原材料, 有密不可分的關係,因此決定以 「木•細節與工藝」為主要設計概念, 透過店內外的設計、整體室內空間的佈 局以及度身訂造放置家具的陳列架,體 現設計師在店內如何對木材的選取及運 用,將木的用法推向更深層次,務求將 店舖塑造成一個舞台般,令每件家具都 能充分發揮,讓顧客感受到尋找個人美 學之旅的同時在細節中看到 ADJECTIVE 團隊對設計的一絲不苟和尊重。

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