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Category : Lifestyle store | Commercial

Location : Fashion Walk, Hong Kong

Size: approx. 6,000 sq. ft.

STUDIO ADJECTIVE joined hands with the local furniture group CRMG for the first time to design its first lifestyle concept store “GALLEON”. Located in 9 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, the two-storey store occupies an area of 5,800 sq. ft., and brings together over 30 leading and creative design labels from Scandinavia, Europe and Japan. STUDIO ADJECTIVE strove to create a exhibition-like new destination for customers to discover artistic lifestyle products in a cosy environment.

We adopt the concept - “Wood - Detail and Craftsmanship” to reflect the close link between furniture and the fundamental material of furniture - Wood. From the interior décor, façade and the overall layout, to the custom-made displays, every detail embodies the different use of wood that takes the material to a new level. The store is transformed into a wooden stage where the furniture would be able to shine, allowing customers to embark on a journey of aesthetic discovery, while admiring the team’s respect and attention to design through the refined details. 

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