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Cooperated with Tencent & Gaw Capital, the clinic is designed as a pathway with greenery incorporated all over the interior space. The pathway gentlely leads to different consultation rooms which provides a pleasant atmosphere to the patients. 

ADJECTIVE 首次與騰訊、基匯資本及醫聯合作,於北京,成都及深圳三個一線城市主要地段設計名為「企鵝醫生」的醫療診所項目。設計主要希望為病人及於診所上班的醫護團隊,提供更舒適及綠化的自然環境,透過室內設計,暫時遠離城市壓迫所限,於舒適的環境中提升健康質素。

Type: Commercial - Clinic 

Location : ShenZhen, PRC  

Size: Appx 10,000 sq.ft

Official photos are coming ........

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