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taikoo 27

Category : residential

Location : Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Size : approx. 600 sq. ft. 

Completion : 2018

Photographer : Wilson Lee | Samson Lee

The owner is a couple who is fascinated in traditional Chinese culture and tea appreciation. The design strategy is in a way not only to tackle the compact living constrains, but also to translate traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics into a contemporary spatial language. Especially fitting into compact space that can make use of the concept to enhance the quality of space.

The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. The service area is taking up half of the living space and potentially making the apartment smaller and giving a strong sense of oppression. Instead of creating solid wall partitions, the design has transformed the kitchen and bathrooms into a pavilion-like design with overlapping layers of clear & translucent flutted glass and wooden fins to soften the sense of boundary. And to create a decent visual depth for the compact apartment without compromising the functional need.




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