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Brand : Matchali IFC 

Category : Teashop | F&B

Location : K11 Musea , TST Hong Kong 

Spring  2021

As the second collaboration between contemporary matcha tea brand Matchali and Hong Kong based design agency Studio Adjective, the shop situates on first floor of K11 MUSEA, in front of the escalator leading to the atrium.

The overall concept is to design an object of simplicity sitting in the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall. The main counter is formed by a 5x5 meter platform painted with light beige plaster, sitting in between two existing planter columns. It’s raised from ground and exposing the highly textured footing as a highlight. The top surface of the box is curved, and gradually forming subtle platforms for different merchandise display at the frontage. The tea making area is an iconic round pink colour inlay crafted in the centre of the platform. With a metal ledge raised as a serving space and to incorporate with lightings for atmosphere enhancement. The round tea making area offers a 360-degree experience for customers to enjoy the tea making process.

The space includes a seating area with a series of tailor-made furniture composed with washed oak base and paint coated metal table top, and a long bench island to cater for causal seating right next to the main counter.

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