tai O - anchoragestore

Category :  design for community 

Location : Tai O, Hong Kong 大澳, 半山石

Completion : May 2020  



Photo credit : Studio Adjective 

Our most recent project states the beginning of our “Design for Local” wish. A project that is not design for profit, but for a local story.


The project is located inside the 2nd floor of a 100 years old historical building in a local fishing village Tai O, Hong Kong. A retail space owned by two local craftsmen specialized in indigo dye art and leather art. As an official Grade 2 heritage building, the site has well-preserved the traditional Canton-style floor tiles, beautiful wooden grid structure ceiling with tiled roof and hand-painted wooden external apertures. The design is intended not just to preserve the existing elements, but also to translate the existing elements into designed objects to make coherence. From wall shelves to display islands, we have translated the existing structure’s grid-form into objects composed with plywood. The objects are hand constructed on site by the owners, showcasing products they’ve sourced from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.


Contact us : info@adj.com.hk  / tel: 2882 1530

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